Effective Cylindrical Grinding

As the name implies, cylindrical grinding has to do with the precision cutting of circular shaped objects, parts, or components. Also known as “center-type grinding,” this process is done with a par held in place between two centers by a carrier that transfers the rotation movement from the spindle. The grinding disk or wheel, which is installed on a separate spindle, can then be adjusted to various angles depending on your final requirements.

When you are in need of precision threading and cutting for your cylindrical objects, KNB Tools of America Inc. will be there to assist you. We work with PCD, carbide, and steel to ensure you get the cuts you need for your projects. Contact us today to learn more about our cutting tools and cutting tool services.

Choosing Center-Type Grinding

There are many different reasons to consider cylindrical grinding for your project. Some of the biggest reasons include:

  • The Ability to Grind Very Hard Materials
  • The Ability to Produce Very Smooth & Precise Surfaces
  • The Ability to Attain Tolerances in the Tenths of Thousands of an Inch
  • The Ability to Attain Precise Concentricity, Roundness, and Flatness Tolerances
Cylindrical Grinding